Is RoI in Cloud Real and Fast Well Moving to the cloud adds new factors for calculating cost or investment—the denominator of the equation. This affects several dimensions of how organizations think about the cost of computing. So whether it has RoI , quick or long time, that is what one has to decide Units […]

Retail analytics can change a lot that you do with your business and help you grow. Analytics and study of consumer behaviour is going to change the dynamics of this Industry. No more are the people likely to buy the way they are doing now. The major factors being time, information, quick and real time […]

The rise of eCommerce has brought with it some innovative pricing strategies. Companies invest millions just to remain competitive and it involves large data analysis and pricing strategies.  Although some strategies such as pay what you want (PWYW) or name your price (NYP), are obviously not well-suited for all businesses, dynamic pricing is one that […]

The cloud enables a transformation of your organization and the way you do business—not just computing power consumption. The benefits are great, but so are the challenges. It is a fallacy to suggest that moving to the cloud is as simple as transferring IT costs from one place to another. Most applications were built with […]