Cloud Consulting

We provide cloud expertise and consulting services for enterprises looking towards Cloud solutions. Our expertise in designing, configuring, implementing, and integrating effective business solutions for driving Cloud infrastructure and solutions. Based on our practical experience and industry best practices, we provide our clients with a targeted set of recommendations for Cloud topologies, hardware purchases, and take the right decision choosing the right cloud solution -Private, Public or Hyrbid. Anything. We help you to arrive that conclusion confidently.

What are the business outcomes you want to drive towards? What are your design considerations? Do you want to reduce costs and have an agile IT environment? Are your systems ready for the cloud? We work with you to define the future-state view of your Cloud use cases. Our Cloud solutions focus on your Enterprise use cases. We can design and implement a private cloud, or configure a Cloud Infrastructure software and cloud management processes. We help you manage the administrative costs of Cloud, by putting controls in place.

Most decision makers consider speed-to-market and capital cost savings as their primary motivation to move into the Cloud. Business processes need to be tightly aligned between employees and their organizations – business units and IT organization.

Our Consultancy Helps you:

Cloud Readiness Assessment RoI Analysis Cloud Solution Consultancy

There are many ways and reasons to move to the cloud:

#1 Agility

#2: Platform Breadth

#3: Continual Iteration and Innovation

#4:  Price Reduction & Cost Savings and Flexibility

There are many ways to move to the Cloud

#1: Development and Test

#2: New Workloads

#3 Supplement existing workloads

#4: Integrate Cloud Workloads with Existing On-premises systems

#5: Migrate Existing Applications

#6 DC Migrations and All-In

Our Consultants help you choose the best cloud solution and best implementation methodology.