Businesses Today work on and around Cloud and Agility to empower them for the digital transformation. Our Cloud Solutions enable businesses to go agile and minimize the time to market.
We at Arctic help you emancipate your business leaders and employees to do better. Cloud is the key for future ready businesses.
The wide range of our cloud solutions and offerings help you to optimize, scale, manage, power and outsource your IT resources controlling you costs, investments ultimately energizing your growth. We optimize the client Infrastructure by enhancing Cost Efficiency, Performance, Scalability, High Availability, Storage Boosting, Smart Workload Management, Ease of Migrations, Integrations and Managed IT services.


Speed and Scalability is the need of the hour. The faster we move the faster we scale.  Cloud as a Buzz word sounds a great solution but are you ready for that solution. DO you really need that solution. Yes, NO ! Let Us tell you ?

Whether it is private data center, public, Private or hybrid cloud, IS Consulting or optimizing the cloud, we offer you a great consulting approach with collective experience of 2 decades in Public private and hybrid Cloud solution implementations.

Since, no two businesses can be alike, no two solutions can be same. For your business we offer custom Cloud solution, but lets analyse what you need and let us save money for you. We offer best and cost effective cloud solutions.

Our Multiple Cloud Services

Cloud Infrastructure as Service (Iaas) Cloud PaaS Business Applications (SaaS)
Business Process (BPaaS) Managed Cloud Service Cloud Motoring and Alert Services

Our customized/cost effective monitoring setup for Cloud (Private/Public/Hybrid) environment will help to identify performance, capacity and availability geographically distributed environments

Followed by,
* Policy based alerting and triggering
* Detailed Logging
* Statistical and Graph view for Alerts
* Use of the Alerts and logs for triggering and auto scaling
* Fast detection of cloud computing environment problems
* Increased server, services, and application availability
* Fast detection of network outages
* Metric based.