Hospital Resource O&M (H-ROM)

World health care facilities in rural parts and developing nations have not the right resources as well as the human capital to implement and support the technology used in modern day health care systems and the truth is that modern Healthcare management systems are not designed to address the challenges of low income or free health care centers. Our Experience working across hundreds of such healthcare centers and hospital, we sensed a need for such a system for these centers so that healthcare and organized healthcare is reachable to all and H-ROM incepted with such a cause aimed at delivering modern day technology support for rural and developing healthcare facilities across the globe. Based on the modern day technology with the usage of browser based user interface it has been designed to deal the challenge of internet connectivity at these places. Yes, it does work without internet connectivity and manages records securely. 

Why H-ROM:

  1. Simplicity regarding clinicians, managers,Physicians, Doctors, Patients and everyone.
  2. Easy to use, modern day user interface.
  3. Offline as well as Cloud Solution.
  4. A complete solution for all the Hospital Needs.
  5. Free for all Rural Hospitals meeting our evaluation Criteria.


Patient Record System

  1. Appointment Management System
  2. Lab Report and Analysis
  3. Staff Updates
    1. Types of Staff
    2. Rooster and Staff management System
Staff Updates

  1. Types of staff
  2. Rooster and staff management
  3. patient care
  4. Patient Account
  5. New Patient Reg
  6. IPD*
  7. OPD*
Doctor Dashboard

  1. Patient history
  2. Remedy and digital prescription

  1. Patient ID
  2. PatientReport/Account History
  3. Payment History
  4. Insurance Plan
  5. Pending Payment
  6. Payment Gateway
  7. H-Cards
  8. CounterPayment
  9. Hospital Machine Payment
  10. Cheque/DD Payment
Staff Care

  1. Doctor History/ biodata/ experience(Unique Hospital ID )
  2. Technical staff Info(Unique Hospital ID)
  3. Payments HIstory
  4. Salary Statements and payments
Hospital Management

  1. Rooster Check and validation
  2. Pharmacy COntrol and supply Management
  3. store supply and management
  4. Pending Stock management
  5. Maintainance and quality control
  6. Staff on duty list (Online and offline status)
Pharmacy control

  1. Stocks sales and supply control
  2. Orders & Inventory
  3. Auto stock check and order wrt standard quantity measurement.
  4. Supplier Management
  5. Orders
    1. New Orders
    2. pending orders
    3. Stock Clearance
    4. Stock and supplier History
    5. Stock accounts and daily sheet.
Hospital Directory

  1. Inter Hospital Directory
  2. Other Hospital Directory and info
  3. Blood bank info
  4. Blood Bank list
  5. Blank Bank Availability status and check
  6. Pharmacy Info
  7. External Pharmacies list
  8. External Pharmacies medicine availability status and check

  1. Rooster check, validation and confirmation
  2. Funds management and allocation
  3. Staff care and watch
  4. Department wise staff allocation
Reports an Analytics

  1. Analytics and Management Information System